Mad Caddies


A great moment in Belchin’ Waffles history. . . the first band we’ve ever interviewed twice! We interviewed the Caddies way back in 1997 when both of us were just starting out. One of us has gotten a lot better since then (hint. . . it’s not us!). This time around, Conor talked to Chuck about Fat Mike’s deep pockets, life on the Warped Tour, the unfriendly greens he putts on and the friendly greens he puffs on. Enjoy!

For anyone who doesn’t know, can you just give a brief history of the band?

Well, my name’s Chuck, I’m the singer of The Mad Caddies. We formed in 1995 as The Ivy League in a little town called Santa Ynez, outside Santa Barbara. Played together, we all kind of met in high school and started doing club shows in Santa Barbara, opening up for national acts like Skankin’ Pickle, bands like that. We recorded our first demo which Fat Mike heard, he picked us up on Honest Don’s and the rest is history.

Do you guys golf?

Yes I do, avidly. I do.

Do you have a handicap?

Yeah, it’s about a 30 right now! (laughing)

Me too man! How’s the tour going so far?

It’s been great, really fun! It’s the first time I’ve ever got a tan. . . well, trying to get a tan on a tour! It’s nice playing during the day instead of being in smokey bars all night. Well, I love that too, but it’s a nice change.

Are you meeting some new friends?

Yeah for sure. I mean, there’s like 400 people on this tour, so you meet somebody new everyday, at least try to.

Who have you been hanging out with?

We’ve been hanging out with the 2 Cent guys. They’re like a metal punk band from Malibu. Just ’cause we’re kinda the same people. I don’t know, just everybody. A lot of the crew guys, the stage guys are really cool guys.

What’s the best part and the worst part about touring?

The best part is free beer! (Holds his up) The worst part for me, my dog misses me quite a bit. She’s real bad when I’m gone.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened on a Mad Caddies tour?

Pittsburgh. . . no, Philadelphia. We parked our RV outside a philly cheesesteak place in the university district and this frat house decided it would be funny to empty their whole refrigerator on our RV from their third story window. Everything from pots and pans to ketchup, mustard, eggs, old spaghetti. . . covered our whole RV. So, we drove away and this cop pulled us over a block away and asked what happened. I told him and he was like “All right, give us 10 minutes.” They went and set up a sting operation and they were like “Drive by.” In 10 minutes, we drove by and they started throwing stuff again. The whole SWAT team busted into the frat and arrested them all and we drove away laughing!

That’s awesome! What do you least like about punk rock these days?

Right now, the fashion’s just out of control. Everyone’s trying to look cool, but for me it’s all about the music. People are taking the fashion part a little serious right now.

If you could get rid of one band, who would you get rid of?

Confederate Storm, a racist band from Chicago.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and what would you do?

That’s easy. . . c’mon? Hugh Hefner 30 years ago!

What are your favorite movies?

“Big Wednesday,” it’s a surf flick with Gary Busey from the late ’70s. That’s probably my favorite movie ever.

What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

Alcohol, drugs, women, and anything with an engine and two wheels.

The last time I saw you guys, you did a group therapy thing where you had kids up on the stage. . . what’s the funniest group therapy you’ve witnessed?

Oh man, we did that for like six months and there were some really good ones. Actually, the funniest one was in Chicago and this kid came up and said he was too fat to see his dick! That was pretty fuckin’ good.

Ok, I’m going to say some words and I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind or tell a story about it. Ska. . .


Fat Mike.


How rich?

Rich. . .

The ’80s.

Cocaine and the Coreys. . . Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

Reality TV.

Like, UN-reality TV. Anytime there’s a camera there’s no reality. People change when there’s a camera in front of them.

President Bush.

I’d like to challenge him to a contest. He has seven martinis and I’ll take seven hits of some kind weed and we’ll see who can fuckin’ stand up, drive a car, or finish 18 holes.