Random Orbits

random orbits

Photo by Ash Crowe Photography

The BW dudes grew up in the same town as Steven from Random Orbits and Matt and Conor were able to catch up with him in North Carolina before his band tore shit up at Death To False Hope Records Fest II. Their tour started out shitty and ended shitty, but lucky for us it was awesome in the middle!

Listen to the Random Orbits interview (10:09)

BW: First off, just tell us a little bit about yourself and give everybody a quick history of the band.

My name is Steven and I play guitar and sing in Random Orbits. We started six years ago as just a going-nowhere college band just for fun and then we started touring and we’ve been touring now for three years on and off and that brings us here on our first East Coast tour and we’re here in Durham. We’ve never been here before and it’s way too fucking hot!

You and I went to the same elementary school, junior high, high school and college. Why didn’t we ever hang out?

There’s no good answer for that. There really isn’t!

Did my mom ever get you in trouble in elementary school?

No, your mom was a saint. She kept me out of trouble!

How’s the tour going so far?

For all the elements that have been trying to fuck up this tour. . . it’s been great. We got robbed the day before we left. They stole a bunch of our instruments, about half of our merch and at the bottom of our merch bin, which had like 500 coozies and a couple hundred CDs of our new EP, they stole $2,500 dollars in donations to do this thing. So that kind of set us back, but the local news did a story and we got enough to get us on the road and everyone has been super cool. We made it from Seattle to the East Coast and this is our 11th day in a row and it’s been pretty awesome. There’s only been a few low points, but that’s to be expected when you’re driving thousands of miles with no AC in 100 degree weather.

So are you borrowing equipment, or what?

Yeah, I’m using a beat-to-shit old guitar that I played in high school and used to throw around when that was the cool thing to do. I’ve had to super glue and duct tape pieces into it to keep it going. But we got a bunch of stuff donated to us from local bands who wanted to keep us going and help us out. We had already gotten the van and trailer from friends. Everything is borrowed and we’re not fucked yet. But there’s still plenty of time for everything to go wrong.

Okay, so those have been some of the low points. . . what have been some of the high points?

Just meeting all the new people has been awesome. One thing we’ve been realizing is that a lot of places we go, even the people that are there to see the local bands, they just kind of stand there and stare through them, but we’ve been a couple places where the local scenes are so tight knit and loving that they’re like singing every word for the bands. . . not to us, because they don’t know us, but they bring us in with open arms and then when their friends’ bands play, everyone’s passing around beers and singing and that’s the only times when we feel homesick. It’s like we feel like we’re back at home watching a buddy’s band and we’re just covered in sweat. We’ve been drinking more water than alcohol because it’s just so hot. Where we’re from it’s 65 degrees and raining right now! Some places are awesome and some places, we don’t really need to go back.

What do you guys do outside of the band?

Some unemployment, some under employment, some lame employment. You know. . . the usual. Our drummer’s a high school substitute teacher looking for real teacher work, which is hard. He’s a history teacher, but he knows too much of like real history and what’s going on and that differs so much from what’s actually written in history books and like our versions of shit that we always joke that it’s going to allow him to never be a real history teacher because he’ll always just get fired for never following the status-quo shit. And in that way, we really respect him. He’s already been banned from a few high schools for just speaking truth.

Wow, that’s shocking! So, we’ve been away from Seattle for a little while; who are some of the up-and-coming bands out there or the bands you’ve seen on tour that people should keep an eye on?

Man, there’s a lot of rad bands in Seattle right now. One of our brothers in arms, they’re called The Loss and they’re really awesome, fast melodic hardcore. They’re great. Go Fight Win, Success is doing a lot of stuff, these are all Seattle bands. There’s a band called The Savage Henrys, I’m wearing their awesome basketball jersey right now. . . specially made! Some awesome bands we’ve seen on the road so far have been this band that just finished playing, They Stay Dead from Oklahoma City, they were fucking great. Those guys can shred. There was a really awesome band. . . one of the bands that I was referring to earlier about the fans singing along and embracing them. . . they’re called Pedals On Our Pirate Ship from Richmond, Virginia. They were just super good and it made me super homesick. Just made me miss my girlfriend type of shit, but in a really poppy way. Like, “We can be depressed and have a great time!” kind of a deal.

What’s next for you guys?

Get through this tour without dying, I guess. We’ve got another three and a half weeks. We’re going further south to Florida and that’s going to be fun. Fourth of July in Gainesville. I’m going to blow the shit out of something. Then we’re playing Mississippi and then a couple days in Texas. We’re playing with some Dang Records bands. They’re another label we’re on, where we just put out our new EP, which is called Evergreen, just a little three-song EP. We don’t have any of those because those are the ones that got stolen, so it’s kind of shitty to not have our newest release. But we also just released Heart Attacks on vinyl, which was online-only and we made a few CDs of it, so we’re pretty much just running on the Heart Attacks thing right now. Then, once we’re done with Texas, we have a couple days in Vegas to just hang out and recoup and get our voices back and. . . I guess I can’t really say detox, because we’re just hoping to not lose hundreds of dollars. Then we’re going up through California and back to Seattle. But we ended up canceling our homecoming show because we can’t really compete with The Bouncing Souls and The Menzingers and it would have been on the same night. But we’re actually pushing it back a few weeks later and playing with The Hold Tight and Pedals On Our Pirate Ship, who we just saw. Then that will be our last show for a while because half our band lives in California now. But everything’s getting figured out and we have a couple new songs written and we’ll just record it the long-distance way. So we’ll just save up and do the next tour.

If you could be in the Guiness Book Of World Records for one thing, what would it be?

Eating the world’s biggest steak.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be?

George Clooney. He’s so sexy. I just want to know what it’s like to be that good looking.