Photo by Ash Crowe Photography

Matt and Conor caught up with Banquets after their set at Death To False Hope Records Fest II in Durham, N.C., on June 30, 2012. It’s a damn shame we lost the video footage of this interview, because it was hilarious!

Listen to the Banquets interview (6:55)

First off, just tell us a little about yourself and give people a brief history of your band.

My name is Travis. My band is Banquets. We’re from Jersey City, New Jersey and we got together just to have some fun. We’ve been together for about two years. We did a 7″ EP with Black Numbers then we did a full length last year called Top Button, Bottom Shelf.

Did you used to be the singer in the band that just played?

I was the singer in Let Me Run. I started Let Me Run with Corey about five years ago and did that for a while and now I’m doing this.

Are you guys on tour right now, or did you just come down for this show?

We played Philly last night and then did this tonight. We usually do weekend things. Our show tomorrow in Baltimore fell through, so we’re just going to go sleep at our buddy’s in Richmond tonight and then go home.

What do you guys do outside of the band?

I’m a teacher.

Really? There’s a lot of teachers out here, man!

Yeah, I teach out in Trenton, New Jersey. Dave and Chris in our band work for this internet production company in New York City and Brian is like an electrical engineer, but he works for a military base over in Sussex County, New Jersey.

What do you teach?

I teach resource room, which is like math and language arts for kids from second grade up to fifth grade with disabilities. It’s cool.

Who are some bands from your area or that you’ve seen out on tour that people should keep an eye on?

I’m really psyched about The Menzingers. Those guys are killing it right now. Day Trader is doing really good right now. There’s so many bands that I like and I’m very excited about because there’s a lot of bands that I played with when I was still in Let Me Run that are doing really good right now. Polar Bear Club. . . just a bunch of bands are doing awesome.

What’s next for you guys?

We’re doing a new record. We’re recording in August. We’re taking the rest of the summer off to finish that up. After that, we’re probably going to do some tours in the fall and then we’re going to do a European thing next year, I think.

Awesome. Have you been out there before?

Yeah, we went to Europe when we did a five-day thing in April because we did a couple festivals with The Menzingers and Bouncing Souls and stuff. It’s cool, it’s a fun time.

So, you guys have a song called “Just Me and My Canseco Rookie Card.” Are you guys baseball fans at all?

I grew up loving Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. The Bash Brothers were my jam. I actually have a Canseco rookie card and I was just like, fuck it, this is a homage to this man.

If you could be in the Guiness Book Of World Records for anything, what would it be?

Longest fingernails ever. Is that creepy? But then I’d chew ’em off. After I got in the Guiness Book Of World Records, I’d just chew them off. I’d be driving to work and I’d just be like ahhh. I chew my fingernails and the other day I was cleaning my car and I was like, ‘Oh god, I’ve got a lot of fingernails in this fuckin’ thing.’ So if I had the longest fingernails ever, it’d be so funny if I just had a seven foot long fingernail and I was just like ‘Ah yeah, I chewed that bitch right off! It’s got some cheese underneath there, some nacho cheese!’

If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

I’d like to be my girlfriend for a day to see what she puts up with. I’m sure it’d be very funny.