Arliss Nancy


Photo by Ash Crowe Photography

Matt and Conor caught up with GB from Arliss Nancy at Death To False Hope Records Fest II in Durham, N.C., on June 30, 2012. We were fortunate enough to see the band play twice in the same weekend and if you like good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, you’ll love Arliss Nancy!

Listen to the interview with Arliss Nancy (7:31)

First off, just tell us a little bit about yourself and give everybody a quick history of the band.

My name’s GB and I play in Ariliss Nancy. I like to drink alcohol and I like to play music. The band’s been together for about five years and we play just straight-up rock and roll. We’ve gone through some different phases of country/punk rock/rock and roll. We finally found a happy medium where we all work together and we all write together and we just play rock and roll songs.

What’s the meaning behind the band’s name?

Arliss is the name of the kid in “Old Yeller” that has to kill his dog and then Nancy is just like a Nancy boy, a chicken shit. That was really what it was, but it’s just turned into whatever now. There’s not really a meaning behind it.

You guys are on tour right now, how’s it going for you?

It’s going great. Long drives. Hot nights. But it’s been going good. The shows have been great. We have about a week an a half after this and then we make our way back to Colorado. PEople have been taking care of us, putting us up, the money’s been great. So yeah, it’s been good.

You were telling us last night that it was kind of a weird situation with the wildfires and all of that. Do you have any updates?

I don’t really have any updates. I know that there’s a shit ton of people getting evacuated out of Colorado Springs. The one in Fort Collins has taken like 200 homes. It’s starting to creep its way down. It’s out of control and they’re just letting it burn. So, we’ll see if we have a house. I could see the fire from my backyard. We left not really knowing what was going to happen, so I hope it’s still there when we get back.

Is music full-time for you guys? Or what else do you do when you’re not playing music?

Music, for me, I consider it full-time even though I do have another job. I work the lowest grunt work ever. I move people’s shit and I don’t even know my schedule before 6 o’clock every day. But they let me take time off! Corey, our other singer, he builds coffins. Jason is a sound engineer at a really nice studio. Our drummer’s a teacher. So, we all have other shit. It’s getting a little more serious now, so we’re going to have to start thinking, ‘Well, do we keep our other jobs or do we go with the music?’ And we’re going to go with the music and whoever can go with it will go.

What are some bands from your neck of the woods or that you’ve seen out on tour that people should keep an eye on?

My buddy’s band, Elway, who I’ve done some touring with, they’re a great punk rock band and great dudes, some of my best friends. They’re definitely a great band and they’re actually getting pretty big. Really, there’s a lot of music in Fort Collins. It’s very spread out, there’s so many genres, so I can’t really say who to look out for. I really only listen to a couple certain things, but there’s a lot of good music from Fort Collins, so I’d keep an eye out for everything that comes out of there, other than the dub step shit. . . there’s a lot of that.

What’s next for you guys, as a band?

We have a really big tour, almost a two-month tour around The Fest, down in Gainesville. We’re playing that and we’re going to tour around that and hopefully our new record, Simple Machines will be out on Paper + Plastick by then. And then we have a little break in the winter and then we head to Europe in March for four weeks. We just signed with Gunner Records and I don’t know what town he lives in, but it’s in Germany and he’s putting the new record out in the next month, so that should be fun.

If you could be in the Guiness Book Of World Records for one thing, what would it be?

Shit. . . the coolest dude? I like to party, man. That’s one thing I love about this scene. The music is important, but the partying with your friends is almost just as important, if not more important. It’s all about that. So, I’d want to be in the Guiness Book Of World Records as the “Funnest Party Dude.”

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be?

Rod Stewart. Honestly.