Fernando’s Fave of the Feek

This one covers the last week and a half. “I use my state of the art technology. Now don’t you forget it: it ain’t usin’ me. Cuz when the power goes out – I got all I need.” Look forward … Continued

Mr. Fernando’s favorite fong

Good walkin’ music. Go on and listen to the rest on this EP, or just skip to “The Humbling River”. Also, way up there for best band name (originally from HBOs Mr. Show).

Fernando’s frickin feekly fave

This counts because they’re consecutive. Wait for it… Hear him describe your appetite. Spun out with the only reason I know them.


Train for the zombie apocalypse with this handy playlist (warm-up and cool-down tracks provided). Don’t forget to stretch!

Same Name Game

So each episode on this show begins with “Tea for the Tillerman.” I realized I had that song, and tracked it to Cat Stevens’ album of the same name. I decided to find the other songs on my iPod that … Continued

This music, it speaks to me!

…or This is what I heard, regardless of what they actually said: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea By Neutral Milk Hotel Fasting in the desert, I dwelt. I observed the original bloom of life1 with glorifying celebration2. We became … Continued