Matt’s Doppleganger

So, I was watching this video interview with The Wonder Years (because their new record is AWESOME). I didn’t realize Matt’s twin was in the band. Seriously…it’s uncanny.

Guest List: All-Nite Jon Feit

Jon Feit is as O.G. as it gets with the Belchin’ Waffles crew. Matt’s known him since they were babies and the rest of us had the pleasure at Redmond Junior High. We loved Green Day together, thought of cool … Continued

Guest List: Chris Lohman’s All-Time Top 10

We recently reached out to several friends to contribute lists of their own. Chris Lohman grew up in Redmond with us and was influential—not only in our music tastes, but also in our desire to start a blog of our … Continued

These Guys Are Awesome

When Fernando and I (and our lovely wives) went to Nashville last year, we saw these two dudes busking, dressed up as Mario and Luigi. Obviously a weekend in Nashville is filled with plenty of live music, but these two … Continued

Modern Seinfeld

After falling in love with my new favorite Twitter account (@SeinfeldToday), I came up with 10 of my own ideas for shows if Seinfeld still existed today… Inspired by Derek Jeter, George starts giving women post-sex gift baskets. Kramer walks … Continued

My favorite commercials this year [updated]

Edit: I found a video of my other favorite commercial from this year!     Not that I have any complaints about my iPhone, but Samsung’s recent ads making fun of Apple have been pretty funny. This one goes in … Continued

Top 50 Worst Band Names

Not a shock that most of these bands make shitty music, too! 50. NOFX 49. Foo Fighters 48. Assorted Jelly Beans 47. Better Than Ezra 46. The Aquabats 45. Nerf Herder 44. Blink-182 43. Wheatus 42. Sum 41 41. Frankie … Continued

Top 10 Movie Clips That Should Be Used Punk Albums

See Also: Top 10 Movie Clips Used On Punk Albums So, I already posted what I feel are the top 10 movie lines used on punk albums. Here are the top 10 movie lines that should be used before songs… … Continued

Top 10 Movie Clips Used On Punk Albums

See Also: Top 10 Movie Clips That Should Be Used On Punk Albums One thing I love about punk bands—and this does seem to be almost exclusive to punk albums, in my experience—is the frequent use of movie clips before … Continued