What’s a zine?

Belchin’ Waffles was a print ‘zine when 5 dudes from Redmond, Wash., were in high school.  We printed 7 issues (6? who can count anymore?) back in 1997-99.  Seems like a millennium ago! Back then, we put the ‘zine together with masking tape, text blocks typed on a crappy word processor and cut-up photos. After that, printing and production took place at the local copy/print shop.

The ‘zine featured copyright infringement, interviews with local and global bands, reviews of albums that were mailed to us from record labels, as well as (usually stupid) articles, columns and fictional stories.

Fast forward 12 years later (mid-life crisis, perhaps?) and “Estes Finally Delivers!” We had a few online versions of Belchin’ Waffles over the years, along with arguably the first concept of a social network ever. None of which were of the epic quality Belchin’ Waffles was known for. So here you are with BW2012. Soak it up, it’s as good as it gets! We’ll be posting new interviews, album reviews and blog posts when we have time. We all have careers and families and important stuff like that.

If you are still reading and you would like to contribute, shoot us an e-mail. If you’re a former or new record label that would like to resume or begin a life long relationship hit us up on the contact page. If your a band and need some free advertisement kick us a email and we will love to speak harshly of your art and passion.

Check out some of our early covers:

Belchin' Waffles Issue number 3Belchin' Waffles Punk Rock Zine Issue #4Belchin' Waffles Punk Rock Zine Issue #5Belchin' Waffles Punk Rock Zine Issue #6